Efficient and Safe Lawn Mowing Tips

You might say that lawn mowing is easy but that’s not really the case. If you don’t think that lawn mowing requires skills or instructions, think again. You could really use some good information on lawn mowing so you’ll do it right all the time. Without such information, then you might get hurt while mowing your lawn or you may not be doing it right all along.

Portland Lawn Mowing

It all starts with using the right lawn mower for your property. You may already know by now that lawn mowing comes in different types, models, and capacities. Read more to find out how to choose the equipment that suits your lawn.

Tips on Choosing a Lawn Mower

To safely and efficiently mow your lawn, you need to use the right kind of lawn mower for the job. The failure to do so may do more harm than good. Below is a list of the most common types of lawn mowers and a short description of each to help you make the right choice.

1. Reel Lawn Mowers

If your lawn is no more than 500 sq. ft., you may use reel lawn mowers. You might say that these types of lawn mowers are old but they’re a lot less noisy and easier to control. Sure, there are types of lawn mowers available to you if you really don’t want to use this rather outdated type.

2. Gas Lawn Mowers

The noisiest type of lawn mowers is the ones that powered by gas because their engines have to convert that gas into energy that powers up the lawn mower. These lawn mowers are perfect in rural areas where the neighbors are too far away to be bothered.

3. Electric Lawn Mowers

Electric lawn mowers are great choices too, if not for the cord that has to be always connected to the power source. As such, you’ll need several feet of it, enough to cover your entire lawn. You should also be careful when working around these cords.

4. Power mowers

Power mowers are those driven vehicles that mow lawn very efficiently. They’re quite expensive so they’re going to be quite an investment for you. These lawn mowers are perfect for those who have at least an acre of lawn to mow. If your lawn is much smaller than that, the purchase isn’t worth it.

5. Battery-powered lawn mower

If you own a decent-sized lawn and you want a modern lawn mower but you want to be bothered by noise or cords, then this is the type that suits you best. Battery-powered lawn mowers are great for entry-level users as well. It burns no gasoline and uses no oil, which means they’re eco-friendly, too. They’re quieter and simpler to use than the other types, especially if you’re not an expert at lawn mowing.

These are the types of lawn mowers that are available in the market today. But if you want to make things even simpler, simply hire the Portland lawn mowing experts to take care of your lawn the whole year round. You’re bound to get better, safer, and more efficient results that way.