Dress Up Your Trees in 3 Simple Ways

Perhaps you are already fortunate enough to have grown shade trees in your backyard, or perhaps you have just planted them. Regardless of how you got them, we cannot deny that they add valuable shade, so much aesthetic to your yard, and some of the benefits they provide. However, there are some easy tips for you to make them stand out even more within your landscape Birmingham Michigan. Here are a few landscaping tips that are cost-efficient and simple to do that will make your yard look beautiful throughout the year: 

Incorporate appropriate plants 

Usually, trees obstruct sufficient sunlight below their canopies, making it challenging to have much to develop below them. There are a lot of shade-loving and hardy plants that would love a protected area under a tree. Some of the best options to have are flowering perennials—coralbells or astilbe—or colorful annuals—coleus and impatiens. One of the great ways to incorporate a touch of color all over deciduous trees is by putting spring bulbs. Once the trees will prevent the light and leaf out during springtime, the bulbs will disappear or become dormant anyway.  


Mulch layering 

You need to mulch around a tree. Mulch is more than wood chips. It could also be in a form of gravel, pine straw, and even shredded bark. Utilize a similar color and type of mulch all over your landscape to make a unified look. If you repetitively apply mulch around trees and flower beds, it will provide your landscape a clean and cohesive appearance. Aside from the fact that it provides everything a cleaner look, it is also vital since it shields the tree trunk from being damaged by lawn tools.  

Utilize landscape accents 

Along with shade-loving plants and mulch, you can attempt putting some garden accents surrounding your tree to load sparse areas. You can add smooth, large rocks to provide a natural element to the area. This will also assist to prevent weeds from developing. Consider utilizing landscape lights under your trees as well to display a dramatic accent during night time to make shadows and silhouettes. To add contrast and height, put some small container gardens in open areas. A toad house or a fairy garden is also a great addition to be placed under a tree.  

Providing the area near tree trunks some attention could be beneficial for a long time for homeowners and your trees. These hacks would easily and quickly change the space surrounding a tree into a landscape’s aesthetic focal point. Those tips do not only highlight your tree’s beauty, but it assists in keeping your tree healthy as well. 

If you want some help to achieve the great ideas stated above, you can contact a reputable landscape company near you. Fortunately, our company is willing to help with any services when it comes to landscaping. Do not hesitate to visit our website and contact us for more details and information about our offered products and services.  


All About Spray Foam Insulation

As you’ve been researching insulation options for your project, you’ve probably encountered a lot of different kinds of insulation which include cellulose, fiberglass as well as spray foam. You’ve heard about the spray foam insulation but you are not quite familiar with what it is or how it actually works. 

 A lot of newer houses are being insulated with the use of spray foam insulation for their comfort and energy-efficient advantages. As a matter of fact, property owners of existing houses are choosing to retrofit their walls, crawl spaces and attics with spray foam with the help of Greenville spray foam insulation service provider to repair uncomfortable room problems and save a significant amount of money on monthly utility bills. In addition to that, spray foam is basically a great choice for pole barns, as well. 

Spray foam is an air barrier material and also an insulation which seals walls, ceiling cavities and floors against air circulation. This may include spaces surrounding your light fixtures and electrical outlets, and where the walls meet the doors and windows. Spray foam insulation may also be sprayed in the open cavity such as in new construction, crawl spaces, rim joists and attics. Aside from that, spray foam insulation never loses its form. Not like the traditional insulation materials, it definitely fills crevices, gaps as well as cracks on installation. It will not compress, settle nor sag in a long period of time. 

How Spray Foam Works 

Closedcell and opencell spray foam insulation insulate your house while making an airtight seal. It has a lot of advantages which may include decreasing air flow while inhibiting cold floors and drafts. It also helps lower your energy bills every single month. Spray foam insulation affects the convection (air flow) and the conduction (heat transfer) that impacts the energy efficiency and comfort of your home. The overall job of the insulation is to withstand the heat flow from inside to outdoor of your property. It keeps you warm in the winter while cool in the summer. If you think of traditional insulation – cellulose and fiberglass – think of comparing it with a windbreaker and a wool sweater. 

A wool sweater on the cold fall day is warm and cozy. That same wool sweater does not help you maintain the warmth if the wind is flowing and blowing right through it. The windbreaker, on the other hand, will be more effective in keeping the warmth at all time, just like the spray foam insulation. 

An air leakage is an issue for a lot of houses and this adds to the energy loss and discomforts, ice dams and cold floors. Some houses may leak enough air daily in order to fill two things so imagine the effect which has on cooling and heating bills. Most open cell spray foam expands up to one hundred times, its normal size to fill every cranny and nook in the cavity. Lastly, gaps and spaces that are not filled can actually leak air if you use a traditional insulation system.